A patio can be a great way to update your backyard, and a great excuse to invite the neighbors over. Consider GreenKnight Landscaping for a project like this. Here is a picture of the area before we add a full brick patio addition and step down to the backyard.

The bush in the front to the left of the patio will be relocated to another area and in it's place will be a cobble stone brick addition to the patio to house a grill.

This area we added a step down into the backyard to create more of a flow from the front and side door to the backyard.

Another look at the bush that will be transplanted and an extension of the patio to be added for the grill.

The area by the side door started for the steps into the backyard.

Steps to the backyard from side door.

Another look at the steps. This can be done in your backyard from Amherst to Clarence or Williamsville to Depew.

The area for the grill all ready to have it's first party.

Another look at the grill area.

Big extension of patio and step down into the backyard where you can get to the games and have fun in your yard.

Another look at the extension and step you can see how big it is compared to the 3 sliding glass doors on the house.

A closer look at the cobble stones that were used in this project.